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I see the Motor city is getting kinda fancy, with there new “Ford Concept Car"

10/05/2011 9:47 AM - Set to make its debut next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Ford introduces an impressive new concept car: the EVOS. Having last wowed car enthusiasts at the 2005 Frankfurt show with their Losis concept car, Ford sets a new standard in the car technology by seamlessly blending the relationship between the car and driver via information integration. Aptly titled, the EVOS will be the first of its kind to embrace the evolution of ‘personal cloud’ functionality by retaining and providing information as effortlessly to the operator as one would expect from their home or office gadgets. The exterior of the vehicle is equally impressive with a body style based on the fastback design. Making good use of four gull-wing doors, the interior cabin is home to a four-seat layout and dual touchscreen monitors that live on the headrests. Only time will tell if the EVOS is ever seen with its rubber on the road, but it does offer a consequential view into the new standard of the automotive industry.